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Journal of the Korean Society of Traumatology 1988;1(2):90-187.
A Statistical Analysis of Traffic Accident
Min Kyu Kang, Wan Hee Yoon, In Koo Kim, Ki Sub Son
교통사고 환자에 대한 통계분석
강민규, 윤완희, 김인구, 손기섭
As a mean of transportation was developed and traffic volume was increased, the frequency of traffic accidents was increased and its scale became larger. The damage of property and loss of lives were enormous and death of traffic accidents became a main cause of death in a civilized community. The authors aurhors 493 cases of traffic accident treated at Chungam National University Hospital from January 1987 to December 1987, and the results were as follows: I) The age distribution was most prevalent between 25 and 44 years(45.6%), and the ratio of male to female was 2.8: I. 2) The most predominant monthly distribution was September(12.0%), and the least was February(5.7%). 3) Of 493 cases, 212 cases(43.0%) were associated with Orthopedic Surgery, Neurosurgery and General Surgery were 40.9 % and 7.9 % respectively. 4) In injury mechanism, motor vehicle accident was highest in incidence(36.9 %) and similar with pedestrian accident(36.1 %). 5) Most frequently injured body region was head and neck(64.9 %), and then extremity and pelvis was 43.3%, and abdomen was 7.5%. 6) The injured organs in 37 cases of abdominal injuries in order of frequency were sple-en(16.2%), small bowel(l6.2%), and liver(13.5%). 7) In elapsed time from arrival to death. 83.3% was died within first 24 hours and 66.7% was died within first 5 hours. 8) In mortality rate according to department, Neurosurgery was 55.6 % and General Surgery was 12.9%. The overall mortality rate was 11.0%. 9) Using a cutoff score of 6 or less, the Modified CRAMS scale identified the 15.2% 01 the trauma population which were critically ill as demonstrated by a 68.0 % mortality rate compared to a 0.7% overall mortality of those with a score of 7 or greater.


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