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쏮ost viewed articles are those published within the last 2 years (2021 ). The following are the most frequently accessed articles from Journal of Trauma and Injury.

Major Causes of Preventable Death in Trauma Patients   (6,390 times)
Youngeun Park, Gil Jae Lee, Min A Lee, Kang Kook Choi, Jihun Gwak, Sung Youl Hyun, Yang Bin Jeon, Yong-Cheol Yoon, Jungnam Lee, Byungchul Yu
J Trauma Inj. 2021;34(4):225-232.   Published online July 29, 2021
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Thoracoabdominal injury with evisceration from a chainsaw assault: a case report   (4,389 times)
Babatunde Abayomi Salami, Babatunde Adeteru Ayoade, El-Zaki Abdullahi Shomoye, Chigbundu Collins Nwokoro
J Trauma Inj. 2022;35(2):118-122.   Published online May 11, 2022
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Effect of use and type of helmet on occurrence of traumatic brain injuries in motorcycle riders in Korea: a retrospective cohort study   (1,206 times)
Sowon Seo, Seok Ran Yeom, Sung-Wook Park, Il Jae Wang, Suck Ju Cho, Wook Tae Yang, Youngmo Cho
J Trauma Inj. 2023;36(2):87-97.   Published online December 9, 2022
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Pre-Hospital and In-Hospital Management of an Abdominal Impalement Injury Caused by a Tree Branch   (3,876 times)
So Ra Ahn, Joo Hyun Lee, Keun Young Kim, Chan Yong Park
J Trauma Inj. 2021;34(4):288-293.   Published online December 16, 2021
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Thoracolumbar spine fracture patterns, etiologies, and treatment modalities in Jordan   (864 times)
Ahmad Almigdad, Sattam Alazaydeh, Mohammad Bani Mustafa, Mu'men Alshawish, Anas Al Abdallat
J Trauma Inj. 2023;36(2):98-104.   Published online April 14, 2023
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Sphenoid sinus foreign body following airbag deployment in the United States: a case report   (1,622 times)
Birk J. Olson, Joseph B. Vella, Justin P. McCormick
J Trauma Inj. 2023;36(2):133-136.   Published online August 16, 2022
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Changes in incidence and severity of commercial motorcycle accidents due to the use of delivery service platforms in Korea: a retrospective cohort study   (1,359 times)
Dam Moon, Jae Ho Jang, Jin Seong Cho, Jae Yeon Choi, Jae-hyug Woo, Woo Sung Choi, Sung Yeol Hyun, Seung Hwan Lee
J Trauma Inj. 2023;36(2):121-127.   Published online September 19, 2022
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Near-death experiences in 19th century Korean tales   (1,780 times)
Kun Hwang
J Trauma Inj. 2023;36(2):75-77.   Published online August 5, 2022
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External iliac artery injury with posterior pelvic ring injury in Korea: a report of two cases   (933 times)
Joosuk Ahn, Ji Wan Kim
J Trauma Inj. 2023;36(2):137-141.   Published online December 1, 2022
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Spontaneous recanalization of complete urethral injury treated by suprapubic cystostomy alone after severe pelvic bone fracture in a young male in Korea: a case report   (864 times)
Han Kyul Shin, Gi Ho Moon, Sung Yub Jeong, Ho Jun Lee
J Trauma Inj. 2023;36(2):161-164.   Published online December 2, 2022
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Clinical characteristics of patients with the hardware failure after surgical stabilization of rib fractures in Korea: a case series   (206 times)
Na Hyeon Lee, Sun Hyun Kim, Seon Hee Kim, Dong Yeon Ryu, Sang Bong Lee, Chan Ik Park, Hohyun Kim, Gil Hwan Kim, Youngwoong Kim, Hyun Min Cho
J Trauma Inj. 2023;36(3):196-205.   Published online September 5, 2023
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Hyperbaric oxygen therapy for the treatment of a crush injury of the hand: a case report   (3,887 times)
Pedro Henry Neto, Zamara Brand찾o Ribeiro, Adriano Bastos Pinho, Carlos Henrique Rodrigues de Almeida, Carlos Alberto de Albuquerque Maranh찾o, Joaquim da Cunha Campos Goncalves
J Trauma Inj. 2022;35(3):209-214.   Published online May 26, 2022
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Submental intubation using laparoscopic trocar in zygomaticomaxillary complex fracture surgery in Korea: a case report   (902 times)
Hyejin Do, Chunui Lee, Hyeon Don Hong, Hyejin Hong, Hyun Kyo Lim, Sujin Kim
J Trauma Inj. 2023;36(2):128-132.   Published online December 21, 2022
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Quality monitoring of resuscitative endovascular balloon occlusion of the aorta using cumulative sum analysis in Korea: a case series   (937 times)
Hyunsik Choi, Joongsuck Kim, Kwanghee Yeo, Ohsang Kwon, Kyounghwan Kim, Wu Seong Kang
J Trauma Inj. 2023;36(2):78-86.   Published online December 21, 2022
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Management of a traumatic avulsion fracture of the occipital condyle in polytrauma patient in Korea: a case report   (1,133 times)
Chang Hwa Ham, Woo-Keun Kwon, Joo Han Kim, Youn-Kwan Park, Jong Hyun Kim
J Trauma Inj. 2023;36(2):147-151.   Published online December 8, 2022
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National utilization of rib fracture fixation in the geriatric population in the United States   (1,402 times)
Jennifer M. Brewer, Leah Aakjar, Kelsey Sullivan, Vijay Jayaraman, Manuel Moutinho, Elan Jeremitsky, Andrew R. Doben
J Trauma Inj. 2022;35(3):173-180.   Published online May 31, 2022
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Outcomes after rib fractures: more complex than a single number   (1,717 times)
Kristin P. Colling, Tyler Goettl, Melissa L. Harry
J Trauma Inj. 2022;35(4):268-276.   Published online August 5, 2022
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Plastic surgery in a trauma center: a multidisciplinary approach for polytrauma patients   (2,132 times)
Kyung-Chul Moon, Yu-Kyeong Yun
J Trauma Inj. 2022;35(4):261-267.   Published online December 10, 2021
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Posttraumatic bilateral thigh Morel-Lavall챕e lesions without an underlying bone fracture in the United Kingdom: a case report   (1,169 times)
Sarah Razaq, James Geffner, Asma Khan, Harry Mee, Cynthia Udensi, Fahim Anwar
J Trauma Inj. 2023;36(3):269-275.   Published online January 11, 2023
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Sports injuries: a 5-year review of admissions at a major trauma center in the United Kingdom   (1,938 times)
Ahmad Hammad Hassan, Aref-Ali Gharooni, Harry Mee, James Geffner, Fahim Anwar
J Trauma Inj. 2023;36(1):39-48.   Published online July 14, 2022
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  • Thoraco-laparotomy approach to salvage a life-threatening cardiac box stab injury to the infecrior vena cava in Malaysia: a case report. J Trauma Inj. 2023;36:286-289


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