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Pediatric blunt pancreatic trauma at a single center in Korea: a retrospective review from 2007 to 2022
Joong Kee Youn, Hee-Beom Yang, Dayoung Ko, Hyun-Young Kim
J Trauma Inj. 2023;36(3):242-248.   Published online September 7, 2023
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Impact of nonphysician, technology-guided alert level selection on rates of appropriate trauma triage in the United States: a before and after study
Megan E. Harrigan, Pamela A. Boremski, Bryan R. Collier, Allison N. Tegge, Jacob R. Gillen
J Trauma Inj. 2023;36(3):231-241.   Published online September 13, 2023
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Epidemiology and outcomes of patients with penetrating trauma in Incheon Metropolitan City, Korea based on National Emergency Department Information System data: a retrsopective cohort study
Youngmin Kim, Byungchul Yu, Se-Beom Jeon, Seung Hwan Lee, Jayun Cho, Jihun Gwak, Youngeun Park, Kang Kook Choi, Min A Lee, Gil Jae Lee, Jungnam Lee
J Trauma Inj. 2023;36(3):224-230.   Published online December 21, 2022
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Distally based lateral supramalleolar flap for reconstructing distal foot defects in India: a prospective cohort study
Raja Kiran Kumar Goud, Lakshmi Palukuri, Sanujit Pawde, Madhulika Dharmapuri, Swati Sankar, Sandeep Reddy Chintha
J Trauma Inj. 2023;36(3):217-223.   Published online September 18, 2023
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Relationship between sonorheometry parameters and laboratory values in a critical care setting in Italy: a retrospective cohort study
Antonio Romanelli, Renato Gammaldi, Alessandro Calicchio, Salvatore Palmese, Antonio Siglioccolo
J Trauma Inj. 2023;36(3):210-216.   Published online July 4, 2023
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Indications and findings of flexible bronchoscopy in trauma field in Korea: a case series
Dongsub Noh
J Trauma Inj. 2023;36(3):206-209.   Published online September 13, 2023
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Clinical characteristics of patients with the hardware failure after surgical stabilization of rib fractures in Korea: a case series
Na Hyeon Lee, Sun Hyun Kim, Seon Hee Kim, Dong Yeon Ryu, Sang Bong Lee, Chan Ik Park, Hohyun Kim, Gil Hwan Kim, Youngwoong Kim, Hyun Min Cho
J Trauma Inj. 2023;36(3):196-205.   Published online September 5, 2023
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Factors associated with the injury severity of falls from a similar height and features of the injury site: a retrospective study
Dae Hyun Kim, Jae-Hyug Woo, Yang Bin Jeon, Jin-Seong Cho, Jae Ho Jang, Jea Yeon Choi, Woo Sung Choi
J Trauma Inj. 2023;36(3):187-195.   Published online November 16, 2022
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Treatment results of cardiac tamponade due to thoracic trauma at Jeju Regional Trauma Center, Korea: a case series
Jeong Woo Oh, Minjeong Chae
J Trauma Inj. 2023;36(3):180-186.   Published online January 31, 2023
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Changes in incidence and severity of commercial motorcycle accidents due to the use of delivery service platforms in Korea: a retrospective cohort study
Dam Moon, Jae Ho Jang, Jin Seong Cho, Jae Yeon Choi, Jae-hyug Woo, Woo Sung Choi, Sung Yeol Hyun, Seung Hwan Lee
J Trauma Inj. 2023;36(2):121-127.   Published online September 19, 2022
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The practicality of interleukin-6 in prognosis of blunt chest trauma in Korea: a retrospective study
Jeong Woo Oh, Tae Yeon Lee, Minjeong Chae
J Trauma Inj. 2023;36(2):114-120.   Published online December 8, 2022
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Experience of surgical treatments for abdominal inferior vena cava injuries in a regional trauma center in Korea
Jin Woo Park, Dong Hun Kim
J Trauma Inj. 2023;36(2):105-113.   Published online June 15, 2023
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Thoracolumbar spine fracture patterns, etiologies, and treatment modalities in Jordan
Ahmad Almigdad, Sattam Alazaydeh, Mohammad Bani Mustafa, Mu'men Alshawish, Anas Al Abdallat
J Trauma Inj. 2023;36(2):98-104.   Published online April 14, 2023
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Effect of use and type of helmet on occurrence of traumatic brain injuries in motorcycle riders in Korea: a retrospective cohort study
Sowon Seo, Seok Ran Yeom, Sung-Wook Park, Il Jae Wang, Suck Ju Cho, Wook Tae Yang, Youngmo Cho
J Trauma Inj. 2023;36(2):87-97.   Published online December 9, 2022
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  • Thoraco-laparotomy approach to salvage a life-threatening cardiac box stab injury to the infecrior vena cava in Malaysia: a case report. J Trauma Inj. 2023;36:286-289


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