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Editorial board

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Oh Hyun Kim, MD0000-0002-8415-0318FHL-1084-2022Department of Emergency Medicine, Yonsei University Wonju College of Medicine, Korea Korea
Gil Jae Lee, MD0000-0002-7943-5933AAC-5498-2022Department of Traumatology, Gachon University, Korea Korea

Associate Editor

Hancheol Jo, MD0000-0002-5774-8402KGL-0903-2024Department of Traumatology, Dankook University, Korea Korea
Min A Lee, MD0000-0002-9725-8993HGY-6235-2022Department of Traumatology, Gachon University, Korea Korea

Editorial Board

Andriy I. Batchinsky, MD0000-0001-8601-2827ENH-9373-2022The Geneva Foundation / US Army Institute of Surgical Research, USA USA
Sok Buntha, MDDepartment of Orthopedics, Royal Phnom Penh Hospital, Cambodia Cambodia
Chih-Hsien Chi, MD0000-0002-5076-782XCKZ-9396-2022Department of Emergency Medicine, National Cheng Kung University Hospital, Taiwan Taiwan
Li-Chien Chien, MDDepartment of Emergency Medicine, Taipei City Hospital, Taiwan Taiwan
Hangjoo Cho, MD0000-0003-3322-744XFYK-8318-2022Department of Trauma Surgery, The Catholic University of Korea, Korea Korea
Ja Yun Cho, MD0000-0003-4804-4101AFV-2490-2022Department of Traumatology, Gachon University Gil Medical Center, Korea Korea
Kang Kook Choi, MD0000-0003-2650-4330AAE-3946-2022Department of Traumatology, Gachon University, Korea Korea
Narain Chotirosniramit, MDEUR-2259-2022Department of Surgery, Chiang Mai University, Thailand Thailand
Takashi Fujita, MDETK-0015-2022Department of Emergency Medicine, Teikyo University, Japan Japan
William Fulton, MD0000-0002-3074-9958AAH-2708-2022Department of Surgery, NorthBay Healthcare, USA USA
I-Lin Hsu, MDCXB-3339-2022Department of Surgery, National Cheng Kung University Hospital, Taiwan Taiwan
Jeremy Hsu, MDCUJ-6459-2022Department of Trauma, Westmead Hospital, The University of Sydney, Australia Australia
Kun Hwang, MD0000-0002-1994-2538AAE-2994-2022Department of Plastic Surgery, Armed Forces Capital Hospital, Korea Korea
Kamal Jayasuriya, MDThe College of Surgeons of Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka Sri Lanka
Wu Seong Kang, MD0000-0003-0136-4458AAE-5090-2022Department of Trauma Surgery, Cheju Halla General Hospital, Korea Korea
Min Ae Keum, MD0000-0002-1970-7327FIK-0955-2022Department of Trauma Surgery, University of Ulsan, Korea Korea
Ho Hyun Kim, MD0000-0001-9434-8654AAE-4700-2022Department of Trauma Surgery and Acute Care Surgery, Pusan National University, Korea Korea
Jung-Youn Kim, MD0000-0001-8368-808XDepartment of Emergency Medicine, Korea University Guro Hospital, Korea Korea
Myoung Soo Kim, MD0000-0001-9556-9846Department of Neurosurgery, National Medical Center, Korea Korea
Sangchul Kim, MD0000-0001-9377-4993RID77954Department of Emergency Medicine, Chungbuk National University Hospital, Korea Korea
Seon Hee Kim, MD0000-0002-9756-9652GNH-6610-2022Department of Trauma Surgery, Pusan National University, Korea Korea
Seongyup Kim, MD0000-0003-3006-8391FFX-0727-2022Department of Surgery, Yonsei University Wonju College of Medicine, Korea Korea
Sun Ju Kim, MDDepartment of Emergency Medicine, Yonsei University Wonju College of Medicine, Korea Korea
Mototsugu Kohno, MDFDN-4121-2022Department of Emergency Medicine, Tsukuba Medical Center Hospital, Japan Japan
Mitsuaki Kojima, MD0000-0001-8630-1469AFO-6200-2022Department of Acute Critical Care and Disaster Medicine, Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Japan Japan
Jun Sik Kwon, MD0000-0003-3164-4995AAE-3143-2022Department of Surgery, Ajou University, Korea Korea
Dong Keun Lee, MD0000-0003-0490-1837Department of Emergency Medicine, Seoul National University Bundang Hospital, Korea Korea
Kyung Hag Lee, MD0000-0001-5734-5542AEO-1342-2022Department of Orthopedic Surgery, National Medical Center, Korea Korea
Seung Hwan Lee, MD0000-0001-7325-8262AAE-4710-2022Department of Trauma Surgery, Gachon University, Korea Korea
Yosuke Matsumura, MD0000-0003-4830-3791AAP-5800-2021Department of Emergency and Critical Care Medicine, Chiba University Graduate School of Medicine, Japan Japan
Yasumitsu Mizobata, MD0000-0001-6279-5441FJU-9910-2022Department of Traumatology and Critical Care Medicine, Osaka Metropolitan University, Japan Japan
Jun Oda, MD0000-0002-8254-3716FNS-2560-2022Department of Traumatology and Acute Critical Medicine, Osaka University, Japan Japan
Kyung Jin Oh, MD0000-0001-5611-7994AAE-3000-2022Department of Urology, Chonnam National University, Korea Korea
Chan Yong Park, MD0000-0002-5111-3270FXZ-2258-2022Department of Surgery, Seoul National University, Korea Korea
Daizoh Saitoh, MD0000-0001-7395-7899FVC-1093-2022Department of Traumatology and Critical Care, National Defense Medical College, Japan Japan
Atsushi Shiraishi, MD0000-0002-9192-625XDYZ-5206-2022Emergency and Trauma Center, Kameda Medical Center, Japan Japan
Li-Tserng Teo, MD0000-0002-8057-3575DZX-6197-2022Department of General Surgery, Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Singapore Singapore
Mehmet Ali Yesiltas, MD0000-0002-5208-0626D-8568-2019Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, Istanbul Prof. Dr. Cemil Tascioglu City Hospital, Turkiye Turkiye
Shoji Yokobori, MD0000-0002-7409-704XDZJ-0855-2022Department of Emergency and Critical Care Medicine, Nippon Medical School, Japan Japan
Jung Ho Yun, MD0000-0003-4091-1346HMB-3673-2023Department of Neurosurgery, Dankook University, Korea Korea

Manuscript Editor

Seeun Hur0009-0001-1824-7015InfoLumi, Korea Korea

Role of Editors and Editorial Board Members

Role of Editor-in-Chief

The Editor-in-Chief (EIC) has a final responsibility to publish manuscripts after review in the journal independently although she hears opinions of reviewers and editors. The EIC is the final decision maker on publishing and editorial policies and presides over the Editorial Board meetings. When any issue on the publication ethics occurs, the EIC presides over the ad hoc meeting for resolution of each issue and finally decides on the journal’s statement.
He recommends Editorial Board members to the President of The Korean Society of Traumatology. He attends the executive board meeting of the Society to explain the journal’s status and budget. Externally, the EIC attends meetings of editors’ associations as a delegate of the society, including the Korean Council of Science Editors and the Korean Association of Medical Journal Editors.

Role of Associate Editor

The Associate Editor helps the EIC by screening the submitted manuscript for compatibility with the journals’ aims and scope, whether it is described according to the journal’s style and format, and checking for plagiarism using Similarity Check (iThenticate). She also participates in selecting reviewers for each manuscript. She communicates with the EIC regularly to discuss the review results and decide on acceptance of manuscripts. She can invite authors for commissioned articles.

Role of Editorial Board members

Editorial Board members meet regularly to discuss the editorial policy and propose changes for improvement. They frequently participate in the review of manuscripts and may recommend new reviewers. They may write editorials. They ask colleagues to submit a manuscript to the journal and may recommend potential authors for commissioned articles.

J Trauma Inj : Journal of Trauma and Injury